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Download MP3 I See You Baby By Groove Armada

Title: I See You Baby
Artist: Groove Armada

Groove Armada: I see you baby


This is the house that funk built-
Groove Armada style.
Alright im checkin' all ya'll i can see, man i see you sittin' around
But we ain't gonna have none of that this evening, child
That's right,
Don't be lookin' at me like that
You see my name is Grandma Funky ya,
Funky if ya nasty darlin'
And ya.. gots to be nasty
But see i need a lil' more volume, You know what im sayin'
Gimme volume on the everything cos i want you to hear me, i want to hear myself, i want the worrrld
Check it out
Watcha all got for Grandma Funk, and my gram babies
So get ready to get down, get funky, get loose

I see you baby
Shakin' that ass
Shakin' that ass
Shakin' that ass

Chorus (x4)

Close your eyes... and get sexy with it
I know ya'll know what im talking about, don't be lookin' at me like that now, I see ya
Come on, I see ya
Get busy with it, shake it all down

Chorus (x2)

Shakin' that ass...

Shake it all down...

Oh this party got it goin' on..

Chorus (x4)

This is the house that funk built... Groove Armada style

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