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Game Simple - Laser Reflections

Game: Laser

Objective: Reflect the laser to the target with the lens. There are many stages you should solve it. enjoy it

game laser

You cannot downloaded it to play ofline. You need internet connection to play this game, but don't worry this game is not big, will not eat your bandwidth much


  • Mirror: used to reflect light by 90 degrees
  • Double Mirror: same as mirror except it is reflective from two sides
  • Refractor: used to refrect light by 45 degrees
  • Splitter: Split a beam into two distinct new beams
  • Bomb: Don't hit the bomb with any beams of light
  • Wall: Block the laser beam
  • One Way: only allows a beam to go through it in one direction
  • Bulb: Correctly hit by a beam when it turns red
  • Laser: fires out the beam of light
Wanna play, click here

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