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Download Internet Bandwidth Saver for Indonesian people - Hematnet

Software: Hematnet
Category: Bandwidth saver
License: Trial


This tool can help you to save your bandwidth. It's called "hematnet". From its name, I think this tool made by Indonesian people, but I'm still not sure.

so, here are the features:

  • shrinks both uploads and downloads
  • Work with all internet connections (Dial up, broadband, satellite or mobile)
  • No spyware, no adware and no malware
  • Advanced compression technology. (They claimed their technology have been proven over 13 years

but the bad side is it's not free. You can try it but with limited of time of course. However not bad to try, right?.

O yeah, After installed it, you should configure your proxy.

For firefox: Click Tools >> option >> advanced >> Network >> settings >> choose manual proxy configuration >> set it with: and port: 4333 >> click the option "Use this proxy server for all protocols" >> OK

if you can save bandwidth that mean you can save time and save money

Download Hematnet (size: 500Kb), here

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